Why Do You Need A Wheelchair Accessible Car?

For those people who are physically-disabled, finding it difficult to travel in a car because they have to use a wheelchair – wheelchair access cars are indeed a necessity. These are cars that have been engineered with modifications to make wheelchair access easier.

wheelchair access cars

Moreover, the wheelchair passenger has his/her own sitting position – enhanced to comfortably accommodate the wheelchair and put him/her at the same head level as the other passengers in the car.

If you are looking for a wheelchair accessible car for sale, then Brotherwood would be an ideal company to try out. This company has been in the business of modifying vehicles for three decades, suiting the needs of disabled people and offering car models such as Peugeot, Kia, and even Ford.

While buying a new car comes with the headache of financial planning, it is not any different for cars with wheelchair access.

If you are undecided on the need to invest in these specially-engineered cars, here are a few valid reasons to encourage you:

  • You do away with the risk of injury when mounting or disembarking from a car.

Depending on the extent of a person’s physical disability, you might fall in the category of those who have to be lifted wholely with the wheelchair into a car. This comes with a huge risk of injury.

With these vehicles, there are provisions for both safe entry and exit from the car – making your journeys uneventful.

  • You are able to sit more comfortably in the car.

Imagine sitting on a wheelchair that puts you one head taller than the other passengers in your car. This creates a social disconnection from other people you are travelling with, which might make you uncomfortable as well.

Wheelchair access cars have their floors modified to cater for the right proportions of a wheelchair. Therefore, you can interact with other people comfortably without feeling as though you are in your own different world.

  • Wheelchair cars make life easier for disabled drivers.

There are instances in which the floor of a car is modified right at the point where a car driver sits. This gives you the independence of driving yourself to a preferred destination as required.

  • You can opt for a motability arrangement when buying wheelchair access cars, if you do not have the required amount of money outright.

For a wide range of car models with wheelchair access, you can use motability to pay for the vehicle in a comfortable and flexible way. Brotherwood aims to help as many people as possible to get these safe, useful cars to turn people’s travelling lives around for the better.

Of course, wheelchair access cars are not exorbitantly-priced – even if they offer many advantages for people who have to use wheelchairs.

At, you can compare the different qualities of wheelchair cars on sale by Brotherwood and choose one that will most conveniently serve your needs. One aspect that ought to guide your choice of a wheelchair access car is definitely the space available in a vehicle.