Important Preparations for Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is the biggest event that is about to happen in your life. You want nothing but for it to be perfect from start to end. Preparing for the said occasion can get overwhelming sometimes especially that days are getting closer and closer. There are still a lot of things that you have to worry about such as the 14 seater bus hire for guests that you can easily miss. Some of these actually have a high value on your big day.

Forgetting something for your wedding can result in many unfavorable things that you absolutely don’t want to happen. To avoid such things from happening, here is a guide on some important preparations for your wedding guests from finding 14 seater bus hire Cairns has available up to choosing your memorabilia:

Invitations Sent in Advance

Guests need to be invited for them to come to your wedding day. Make sure that you send out your invitations weeks prior to the date of your event. You have to remember that you are not the only commitment they could have on that day. Some of your guests still have to make flight arrangements, hotel accommodations, and other necessary preparations.

Sort out the people on your guest list according to distance. Prioritize those that are far from you while putting those in close proximity at the last. The mail may get delayed as it is being sent to its destination. For those nearby, you can easily drive and drop your invitation card as you look for the 14 seater bus hire in Cairns to use. Click here 1300 Truck Hire for more details.

Transportation to and from the Venue

If you have a farther location from the city proper, you might want to give your guests a comfortable lift. You can opt for a 14 seater bus hire instead of individual cars since it can accommodate more people at once. There are plenty of companies that offer this service just like 1300 Truck Hire. You just have to look for the best 14 seater bus hire cairns available on your wedding day.

You don’t want your guests to be late on this important day. A transportation to the venue will save them the time to look for a ride. You would also need a transportation for your entourage since they would need to stay together for pictorials and other parts of the ceremony.

Souvenirs and Photographs

The souvenirs you will be giving away should be done a week before your wedding. These memorabilia will remind your guests of the good time they had at your party. As you follow up on those, you might also want to check with the photographers on your day. Will you set up a photo booth? Discuss the terms and the theme of the booth ahead so you won’t have problems on your wedding day. You might also want to know if they need to be in the 14 seater bus hire on the way to the venue.

Those three points above are just some of the important things on your wedding that you need to check. Remind your coordinator or follow them up by yourself. A well-prepared celebration makes a great event even greater. For more details, visit at