Make a Difference: Volunteer in India

It goes without saying that taking a gap year makes a huge difference in your life. It is always made better by involving yourself in gap year programs such as volunteering. A suitable gap year program is meant to expose you to real-life situations which help you utilize your skills and gain some experience while making a difference in someone’s life. It is far much better to resume school having had a gap year program experience since it helps you figure out where you would like to specialize in your studies and ultimately in your career.

Gap Year Programs

India is a particularly great place to volunteer since one gets exposed to different situations and experiences making you have some growth in terms of your analytical skills. You will also feel more fulfilled since helping anyone in the world enables you to be better as a person.

Why Volunteer in India?

  • Education levels are low: Any chance in volunteering India has to offer is one that gives you the opportunity to educate someone more. The Indian education system cannot cater for everyone equally making some people, especially those who do not have enough money, not get quality education. Many gap year programs enable you to impart your knowledge to underprivileged students in India by being a volunteer teacher for some of the most basic things like reading. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you made a difference in a person’s life by teaching a skill that they may use for the rest of their lives.
  • Inadequate health system: Some gap year programs that are offered once you travel to India enable you to help people especially if you have pursued medicine. Currently, due to the huge population in India, many poor people are unable to access basic health services. If you have any experience in the health care profession, you are able to make a difference in people’s lives since many are not able to afford and access good healthcare options.
  • Many touristic destinations: If you travel to India as a volunteer, it will give you an opportunity to see the wonder that is India. This country is massive and has many touristic destinations that anyone who loves serenity and travel will love. India travel is much cheaper if you are volunteering since you do not have to pay accommodation and air tickets multiple times.
  • Experience Indian culture: India has great culture that has survived multiple centuries. Volunteering in India helps you immerse yourself in this rich culture whose people speak about 500 distinct languages including Hindi and English. It is also a chance to get unique pieces while shopping since Indians use intricate methods of crafting that have been handed down many generations.
  • Improve your life perspective: Volunteering in India will most definitely change your life. On interacting with Indians who mostly live in poverty, you will realize that you are actually very privileged to have things like clean water to drink, a great house in a secure neighborhood and even three square meals a day. You will appreciate your country more since the rights to women are upheld unlike some places.

Volunteering anywhere is a big plus in your life, go for it! For more details please visit this site

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